Why Choose Solista for your spray tan?

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Private Label

The color solution used at Solista Is an exclusive private label formula, created by celebrity airbrush artist Dante Fitzpatrick In Manhattan, New York. The only places it Is available Is from Solista or from a custom tan with Dante himself.

The Best Training

Solista's owner and tan artist, Chantel, was trained In person by Dante Fitzpatrick. Some of his clients Include Chris Pratt, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, Sia, and Isla Fisher. He has been featured In GQ magazine and is renowned for his skill and contouring.

The Best Color

Nervous about a spray tan? Probably because you've seen some bad ones right? Not at Solista. Most of our clients come from conversations that start something like, "Did you just get back from vacation?!". The color of our tans Is second to none. No orange, we promise!

Even Fade, Great Smell

Want some cool streaks and patches as your tan fades? How about smelling like you've been bathing In chemicals?

Sorry, we can't help you. At Solista your tan will smell great, and will fade so evenly you won't even notice. Just like a real tan. (One that Isn't peeling anyway ;)


Our solution Is not only organic, It also Includes special skin firming and tightening Ingredients, aloe vera, and vitamins. It's safe during pregnancy, safe to breathe, and even safe to drink If you really felt like It!