Get to Know Our Staff


Chantel is the owner and founder of Solista. After being trained by famous airbrush artist, Dante Fitzpatrick, and being given access to his proprietary tanning solution, she decided to officially open up shop in the Saint George area!

She is a mom of 3 young boys who keep her on her toes and striving to provide them with the best life she can. Shan is always seeking opportunities to learn, improve herself, and help those around her.

As an avid traveler, she visits as many places as possible! While she'd like to see everywhere, her favorite places tend to be those less traveled or more rural areas of countries so she can have the most authentic experience possible. Her children love traveling with her and consider Thailand a second home!

Her favorite part about about what she does at Solista is the immediate confidence boost it gives clients. "Everyone always apologizes for their body in one way or another. I love getting to know clients and bring that inner beauty to the surface for everyone else to see too."


Shyanne is a lover of photography, the desert heat, and spoiling her nieces and nephews! She moved out of her home in Utah County and hasn't looked back.

On top of being a Solista artist, she is also the Owner of ShyPhotography and is passionate about capturing special moments for everyone around her.

She has always been the biggest advocate for spray tanning and is excited to be sharing her talent with new clients!


Raquel a lover of treats, laughing uncontrollably, and anything mini!

She is a very personable communicator and will always help you to feel comfortable in any type of conversation or service.

She loves playing with her nieces and nephews and her favorite words are, "Aunt Quel".

Raquel is the owner of Elle Avenue Co. where she makes and sells custom Morse code jewelry.